Universal Music Group (UMG) is the world's largest recording label with world's famous artistes including Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Martin Garrix, Kriss Wu, BTS, Girl Generation and the list goes. With the power of Social Marketing, Celebrities today are some of the most powerful Social influencers on the planet. Through AFAB's exclusive partnership with UMG, CAFD members are able to collaborate with these international artistes as their Muses to make their Dream Come True.
Mango Media is a web TV portals for Hunan TV Network Company. Hunan TV is also the largest entertainment TV network in China. AFAB, in partnership with Mango Media shall produce a reality TV series to be aired in China and all over the world. The content has the objective to promote emerging South-East Asian Designers to China, which has the largest high purchasing power millennial market in the world.
Yeah1 network is the largest multi channel network in Asia on Youtube, Facebook, Daily Motion, apps and websites. They are also a global leading network for social influencers.
In partnering AFAB group of companies, CAFD has a comprehensive business ecosystem for South-East Asian designers to ensure ASEAN fashion industry remain relevant in the digital economy and escalates to thrive in global marketplace. AFAB has developed both a progressive business network and innovate technologies to democratize the fashion industry focussing on emerging designers.

Creating Equality in opportunities, promoting Fair Living Wage, encouraging Creativity and Originality while making Quality designerwear more Reachable and fashion industry more Responsible, this is what AFAB offers on its e-commerce platform.

In partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), Hunan TV International and Yeah-One TV network, AFAB brings about the best and most effective international artistes influence and collaboration opportunities to ASEAN designers. AFAB also works with the region's top financiers to enable term financing to designers who are successfully matched for a business opportunity by CAFD.

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