The ASEAN Fashion Council promotes South-East Asian designers to Global Marketplace with Innovative Ecosystem and Digitalization Rethink,Reinvent & Regenerate
Buy Quality, Dispose Less and Make It Last
Buy Quality, Dispose Less and Make It Last

#WEARWHATSFAIR mission is to reposition for ASEAN designer fashions as affordable artisan designer wear to the world with sustainable objectives.

Fashion industry today is predominantly fast fashion. Fast fashions not only result in unprecedented record highs of textile waste that escalates faster than what can be recycled, they also result in a dying tailor industry. A skill once cherished as human mastery and a respected profession. ASEAN designers should leverage on the affordability and availability of skilled tailors in South-East Asia to create long-lasting high-quality clothing so that we can carve a niche market in fashion industry. Unique and Unparallelled. #WEARWHATSFAIR supports Fair Living Wage for skilled seamstress and tailors and producing on-demand instead of mass productions.

By producing on-demand, there is no unsold inventory, designers can bring down the price tag and ensure Fair pricing and value for customers. #WEARWHATSFAIR is about making designer clothes Reachable & Responsible so that consumers can afford wear high quality long-lasting artisan ASEAN designerwear. Support Creativity, Knock Out the Knock-Offs.

  • Fair Opportunities for Original Creativity of designers.
  • Fair Value for Reachable Artisan Fashions for consumers.
  • Fair Living Wage for apparel makers by producing tailored clothings.
  • Fairness to our Environment by reducing textile waste with tailored clothings.

#WEARWHATSFAIR is the sustainable shift to make ASEAN fashion and apparel industry more Responsible.