Artisan Collection 1
South-East Asian nations comprising of 10 ASEAN countries namely Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar make this region famous for its multi-ethnicities and colorful traditions. The unique traits of many ASEAN fashion designer is their creativity in infusing exotic and traditional influence into contemporary fashions. This is the ASEAN Artisan fashion collection that is truly unique to ASEAN.
As South-East Asia is not a four seasons region, it is commercially viable for ASEAN fashion designers to carve a new niche in making sustainable capsule clothes that can be worn throughout the year instead of seasonal fashions. In order for clothes to be worn and sold to other parts of the world, ASEAN designers need to consider fabric and layering in their designs. Capsule collection of artisan crafted, evergreen high-quality clothes is the new niche for ASEAN fashion.
Artisan Collection 2